institutional / extensão

online courses

June and July 2020. [In Portuguese].

During the Covid-2019 pandemic, I'm proud to have initiated and overseen two online courses on socially significant topics tailored for audiences without training in philosophy. These courses were offered for free and attracted participants from diverse disciplines, such as economics, law, medicine, social policy, and social service. We had attendees from various parts of Brazil and other countries, including Angola, Colombia, Mozambique, and Peru. Throughout it, I received invaluable assistance from my friends Mateus Leite, Matheus Dabnei, as well as Professors Rogério and Abílio.

institutional research 

Fall 2019-Present.

I'm a member of Comissão da Memória do Departamento de Filosofia da FAFICH. This committee is dedicated to preserving and sharing both the institutional history and lived memory of the Philosophy Departament of the Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences (FAFICH) of UFMG. Under the heading of Professor Ivan Domingues, we strive to record and share the Department's legacy. 

Together with my colleague Bruna Ribeiro, we researched and compiled information, documents, and photos about the various generations of the Department.

Group photo of the first generation of FAFICH's professors. Among them, the philosopher Arthur Versiani Vellôso is the first on the bottom left. Circa mid-1950s.

Employment record of Professor Henrique Cláudio de Lima Vaz from 1964.

Seminar Brazil 1964-1968. From left to right: standing, Florestan Fernandes; Evantina Vieira; José Henrique Santos; Margarida Vieira, nicknamed Guida; Otávio Dulci. FAFICH/Carangola Street/BH. 1984. Copyright (photo and caption) of UFMG.



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V UFMG Graduate  Conference

November 22-25, 2021 [In Portuguese].

I served as one of the organizers for the V Encontro de Pós-Graduação em Filosofia da UFMG [Fifth edition of UFMG Graduate Philosophy Conference].

Also, I contributed as an editor for the Conference's annals, which are available for download here.

Photo: panoramic view of Belo Horizonte's downtown from Sapucaí street